Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Simplicity

I've always prided myself for being "down to earth."  You know, fly enough to kick it with the girls, but cool enough to hang with the boys.  And although my look is pretty conservative, I swear my alter ego has locs and is tatted up with a nose ring.  Somehow I've always managed to feel like a chameleon, able to adapt in any environment among anyone...but lately I have moments that cause me to question my "realness."  Moments that have left me feeling as if I am really pretentions, superficial, and judgmental.  Call it age, but I think my comfort zone has decreased in radius...and I don't approve.

I started to wonder if I'm missing the simple splendor of life while observing a friend in her elegant simplicity.  Her apartment is cozy yet unassuming and deliberate.  There is no obnoxious flat screen tv, cable, or even high speed internet, rather a big bookshelf filled with books that paint a picture of a life well lived and well traveled.  At Whole Foods, I watched as she delightfully and fearlessly sampled from the food displays.  The organic cocoa walnuts in an open bowl, the sundried tomato veggie dip, and the freshly sliced pineapple.  She urged me to try, and FINALLY, I realized she wouldn't let me refuse.  I (hand dramatically placed on chest) don't. eat. from open food displays (I thought to myself).  After my FOURTH piece of deliciously juicy omg, can't get enough pineapple, I started to wonder how much I (hand dramatically placed on chest) have been missing out on.  How much I haven't enjoyed because I dismissed it/him/her at first glance.  It was like the matrix was revealed and she was Neo.  Suddenly I realized how little wiggle room I left to enjoy the unexpected.  Am I really a *gasp*control freak?

In the recent age of self-help advice, and Steve Harvey's "Act like a Lady, Think like a Man", I've been poised to map out exactly what I want and communicate appropriately.  I've been challenged to define the mold I fit into, and proclaim to the world definitively what I want from life, friendships and relationships and refuse to deviate or settle for anything less.  However, in an effort to blossom into my better self, I've abandoned my inner chameleon to be replaced by high standards, unwavering expectations and the predisposition to plan and play it safe. 

Granted, I want the best for myself and believe in the power effective communication and visualizing your desired reality...I'm there.  I just know that perhaps the best part of me (or anyone) is the ability to appreciate others for who they are, AS they are...not constantly measured by a lengthy checklist I've created as a barometer for what is "acceptable".  The reality is, I'm not too confident that God isn't still working on me, so I've decided to release my inner control-freak and reopen my heart to whatever He brings in my life.  Once again living, loving, learning and appreciating without boundary.  So I declare 2010 the Year of the Sponge.  A year I declare to humble myself, and hopefully absorb the lesson(s) intended for me.  Oh, and the checklist? Still in effect, but with the help of my simplistically elegant friend, the list is miraculously holding at #3...and never felt so complete.  Have a wonderful New Year, good people, and may this year be equally enlightening to each of you.  And if you have the chance, stop and sample a little pineapple on me.

Curious to know my new checklist?
1) Relationship with God (shared values)
2) Kind/Gentle Command (ability to lead with respect and kindness)
3) Strength and Stability (personal, professional and financial)


  1. Great post! Continues luck on your journey of self discovery:) This thing called life is crazy, I find my self learning new things about myself and lessons I though I had mastered. Welcome to the Dirty Thirties. Everything you thought you knew was.a.lie! j/k Love you!

  2. I am still laughing as I type. You reminded me of Kenya McQueen in the movie Something New. Love to hear our universal experiences in your voice. Keep sharing. Enjoyed reading.

  3. I read this post for a second time and it was so much better than the first time. It really allowed me to notice some things about myself! Thank you for sharing "YOU".