Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Telling Secrets

I wish I could say I read The Secret...but sometimes the rebel in me fights to go against the grain.  Now we can all occasionally benefit from being the lone sheep (individual) that strays away from the herd (maintream), but I'll save that subject for another day.  On this day, I wish I had listened when Oprah endorsed the book in 2007. 

But anyway, like I said I still haven't actually ever read the book...but one day in 2008 while rummaging through the stacks of movies accumulated from my dad's care packages, I ran across The Secret DVD.  Prior to watching the documentary, the word "Believe" had always been a source of personal inspiration (believe in the God, believe in the your dreams, believe in the goodness of others, etc.).  After watching the DVD, the word became my personal mantra.  Essentially the concept of The Secret, is that the key to a prosperous life is to believe in your limitless possibility.  If you're into the power of positive thinking, I won't ruin it for you so you can read/watch for yourself.  However, in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, and personal growth, taking a tip from The Secret may help us all be more successful at attaining our goals, and welcoming into our lives the things we deeply desire.

Often times we seek to break bad habits with the thoughts like "today I will stop..."  Unfortunately many of us don't realize that merely how we communicate our goals can affect our success achieving those goals.  The problem is that when we communicate our desires, often times we say what we DON'T want, so our mind still visualizes the bad habit or negative behavior we seek to correct.  For example if I say "don't run out in the street"...what does your mind see? Take a moment. Most likely you still see a child, or a person running out into the street (contrary to what you said).  Crazy right?  So whenever we speak in terms of negative action, our mind and subconcious still visualizes the behavior or things we DON't want, vs. the positive things or behavior we truly desire.

Napoleon Hill, an early pioneer for personal success literature, is often quoted for his statement "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." So the key is utilizing positive language so your mind can visualize positive action.  So "don't run out into the street" becomes "wait at the bus stop" and "I want to stop eating junk food" becomes "I will drink two glasses of water and five baby carrots when I need a snack."  I was amazed at how this philosophy translates not only to how we communicate to ourselves but to each other.  How often do we tell our partners and friends what we "don't like" or they "don't do" without actually really communicating the image of what we really want?

Think about it...and try the concept on for size.  I bet you will emerge a "believer" too :)

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