Monday, January 18, 2010

Dude, Where's My Wallet?

Out hanging with the girls. Fab time.  We decide on Indian for dinner, and aside from Arab, and Mediterranean, Indian food is my absolute favorite. Something about garlic naan and chicken tikka saag make my insides jump for joy.  But back to the story.  I reach for my wallet to grab the travel size hand sanitizer stashed in my Coach clutch.. Ok.. not in that pocket...(checking the other side) or that one either. Where is my wallet?? Not AGAIN, I think.  I'm notorious for leaving something.  Keys, sunglasses, purse, phone, something.  And without fail when I'm juggling more than three things in my hand.  Two things at a time I can item per hand.  But when I get to three, inevitably something gets left. And sure enough I did it again. This time, in the process of managing an umbrella, my recent purchase of The 5 Love Languages from Borders, watermelon sour patch kids, a pack of Doublemint gum, my cell phone and my clutch wallet. Somewhere between the checkout at Borders, pitching my umbrella, hailing a cab in the cold rain and arriving at our Indian restaurant I managed to keep track of everything BUT my wallet.  smh.

Our appetizers arrive at the table in the midst of my realization, and my girlfriends quickly move to act. One calls the cab company to try and track the driver.  One searches diligently from the door to under the table to make sure it didn't fall on the floor.  The other girlfriend grabs my Border's receipt to call the bookstore.  I say aloud "Nana Danso."  What? (They ask in unison).  Nana Danso, the driver's name.  I don't know why his I.D. card stood out to me as I sat in the back of his cab for the duration of the ride, but for some reason I had fixated on it.  1) I know a "Nana" and 2) "Danso" reminded me of know the athletic gear.  Idk, but it did. For the moment I thought this was a divine sign.  And although 3 hours later I am still without my wallet, I'm hoping I remembered his name for a reason and that Nana Danso comes through.

As I realized my friends hadn't touched the appetizers poised to co-conquer my dilemma, I gesture towards the food "Eat! We can't let this situation ruin our dinner. I insist"  As I finished cancelling my cards and freezing my account spending I joked "Since this meal is on you guys, I will be sure to enjoy it thoroughly."  We all did.

My girlfriends commented on how calm I remained, and joked about how frantic they would have been if in my shoes.  Hearing that I was pleased. Almost proud, but I'm not sure I can take credit for my calm.  I mean, it's not like I haven't lost my wallet before.  But as I think about it...even then my temperament was the same.  In the midst of a crisis I usually do stay pretty calm.  But why, oh why, when it comes to matters of the heart does every mole hill appear to be a mountain?

So even though I'm still praying that Nana Danso re-emerges into my life with my wallet, I may chalk up the $60 and Best Buy gift card it contained to a lesson learned. Perhaps my lesson is to tap into my inner Spock (one time for you Trekkies) and apply my stoicism in the midst of relationship situations when I'd normally over react.  Perhaps playing it cool in the midst of a crisis needs direly to be sprinkled across other areas of my life as well.  Ahhhhhhaaaa! (said in my best Eddie Murphy Coming to America Jewish Man in the Barbershop Voice).  I think I'm on to something.  But as we wait patiently for a subject to test this new theory, please send up a prayer for my wallet to make it back home safely.

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