Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Cube'd

I was pretty excited after my girls' weekend o' fun despite the lost wallet. I decided to register for an accounting class for kicks at the nearby community college, and was able to get the class paid for AND get VIP access in the registration line all during my lunch break.  I floated back to work on Cloud 9, still in shock that a $650 course would only cost me $30. Not even an hour after my return, I receive a call from the college alumni office.

"Miss, I think I have some very good news for you."

At this point I'm thinking "Is she going to WAIVE the $30 TOO? No way..."
I manage to reply a cool "Okay?"

"We received a call that someone found your wallet in a cab.  They called our office and I pulled your student record.  I was not sure if you wanted me to share your telephone number, but I can conference her in so you two can speak."

Speak? I'm speechless! How did...What?!?  I spit out a "Yes! Please!"

We were connected and I thanked her for grabbing my wallet and finding me.  I thanked her for proving my theory that people ARE inherently good. I confessed that I believed someone would call me.  Many people say karma is a b...  but I beg to differ, because without fail, my karma is good. Like, I can't believe this is happening good.  Like, there's gotta be a God good.

During my girls weekend I remember discussing trust.  One girlfriend confessed that her trust must be earned, requiring people to prove their worthiness before she lets down her guard.  I told her that I believe life is much more enjoyable when you assume all people are deserving until they prove otherwise.  I shared my belief that people are inherently good, and ultimately all we can control is what we put out into the universe in hopes to positively impact the lives of others.  But trust is like charity.  The blessing is in giving...not how the recipients utilize that gift.

I trusted that an honest person would do just as I would, and find the owner.  She did.  And as I wait for my wallet to arrive, I am thankful to God and the universe for this example when both my trust and faith in the goodness of the human spirit were justified.  The only thing that can complete a moment like this is theme music. Too easy...

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