Sunday, February 14, 2010


I know I said I'm a hater by nature, but on the day that usually resurrects the latent hater in all single women, I.was.overjoyed.  I love LOVE.  I love seeing happy couples, I love seeing men, young and old, with bouquets of flowers obviously for their special someone.  I know that feeling...and although it's been a while since my heart has skipped a beat, I'm proud to say that I do get joy in seeing others happy.  

I ventured out downtown today in search of an apartment and saw a man pick up his girlfriend and twirl her around romantically before giving her a kiss.  It was sweet and spontaneous...and coming from a girl who's walk often resembles a sashay or a periodic skip...I couldn't help but smile at their PDA.   

On the way through the underground walkway to catch my train, I passed the flower shop that makes me smile each time I walk by.  For some reason as I hurry by, I imagine my future husband bringing me flowers on his commute back home.  So when I see couples living in my dream it reaffirms my hope that one day soon, it will be me.

Today a close friend called to wish me a Happy Valentine's Day.  It was around 6pm, and he asked had I already gone out for the day on my date. I replied I had gone out, but not on a date.  "Why" he asked. I laughed and replied "Does everyone have to have a date on Valentine's Day?"  He answered "No, I just thought you would."  His response reminded me of the time I called eHarmony's customer service to cancel my subscription. She pulled up my profile and replied "You are so pretty, I can't believe you haven't found someone yet."  lol.  In both instances I was extremely complimented.  I mean, I know both comments reaffirmed that I AM still single, but it's still a great feeling to know others view your single status as illogical.  

So to my single-etts, I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as I did.  Because I'm sure very soon it will be you being swept off your feet for an endearing kiss, or your Mr. Right boarding the train with a beautiful bouquet for you, just because.  At least when it comes to love, it's not always about the now...but the ever after. And when your Valentine does arrive, I promise he will be right on time. Just don't stop believing.

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  1. I enjoyed this post. You are such a hopeless romantic....I love it!